Band Performance Studies

Learn band dynamics and play well with other musicians.


Envision yourself being in a jazz quartet, a pop group or a rock band? Having trouble applying what you’ve learnt and whatever you play or sing just doesn’t sound right during a jam session? Not sure what technique or riff you can use while performing?

The Music Lab’s Band Performance Studies course equips musicians from any background in critical and technical knowledge of playing in a band. With our strong emphasis on band performance skills, we believe that instrumental lessons are only complete when combined with band performance classes and workshops, where students of different instruments come together and play as a band.

Currently, The Music Lab offers Band Performance classes for Rock and Jazz bands. A student can combine Band Performance Studies + Instrument Lessons, or just take up Band Performance Studies as a solo course.


These are just snippets from the actual band workshop lessons we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current level, our standard syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Stage & Gear Setup

Understand the equipment and gear necessary for a concert performance, and how sounds differ from the studio to a stage setting. Rehearse with the right techniques, and understand microphone and stage setup. Learn how soundchecks work, and prepare for your next gig with confidence.

Band Dynamics

Get trained in group dynamics, listening and watching out for song cues. Find out when you should support or take the lead onstage or in the studio. Relate well to every member of the band and develop chemistry. Pick up various music genres like pop, rock, jazz and funk. Learn to count-in (and out) as well as discover how to shine on stage while performing a solo.

Get Your Own Sound

Our instructors can start you off with the genre you'd like to study as a band, or guide you in exploring various styles of music. Discover the preferred sound settings for any band or group genre. Uncover your own perfect stage sound.

Gain Gigging Experience

One of the most exciting moments is when your band goes live. The Music Lab has various connections to gig and performance venues and we frequently hold student concerts where our student bands get a taste of playing on stage - at venues where true professional musicians work!

Music Arrangement

Create interesting music arrangements, while interacting and performing well as a band. Gain a thorough understanding of how all music instruments come together to create awesome parts of a song. Learn how every instrument contributes to the song arrangement by grasping basic understanding of song dynamics.

Music Production

Why not make music as a band, by taking up our popular Music Production course to start recording professional sounding songs? Understand the process of recording various instruments and getting the final mix.