Basic Improvisation

Have the power to make any song your own.


Our Basic Improvisation Course teaches and enhances a music student’s ability to compose simple melodies and rhythms spontaneously, thus promoting creativity. Through practical and simple methods, you'll learn important concepts in manipulating theories to turn any music into your own.

Whether you're jamming in the studio or performing on the stage with your band, get the freedom to express your own interpretation of any song, at any given time. Make any short riff or major guitar solo alive with your own improvisations! You'll discover that it doesn't take major complex changes to add a unique dimension to music. Even through simple changes in rhythm, be amazed at how different a tune can sound.

Understanding music improvsation can aid in song-writing and empower any live situation. Write creative music of your own that doesn't sound like others'. Haven't practised that guitar solo, although you've heard it a few times? Improvisation can equip you with the skills to "fake it" and get through that jam, or assist in covering mistakes!


These are just snippets from the actual music improvisation classes we conduct. While fully customisable according to every musician's level, our standard syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Basic Melody Composition

Understand and grasp practical and simple music theory concepts. Almost every awesome tune ever created went through the same process, whether intentionally or subconsciously. Here at The Music Lab, we break it down into tangible tips for you.

Basic Syncopation Studies

Simple counting, basic tempo and notations are taught. Get a basic understanding of core rhythms and how rhythm manipulation works to add variety in music, making a song more interesting.

Advanced Rhythm Studies

More studies, experimentations and practical sessions will be placed into rhythm studies. Grasp a deeper and more thorough understanding of complex and odd rhythms. Achieve versatility and turn any song into your playground.

Music Genre Exploration

Our instructors can start you off with the genre you'd like to study, or guide you in exploring various styles of music to be an all-rounded musician.

Improvisation In-Practice

Discover how to artfully make every song, melody line and tune reflect your own expression. Whether it's jamming in the studio with your band or performing onstage, dazzle with the solo or riff you've always wanted to pull off for the audience.

Gig & Record

By cross-training in our Band Performance Studies course, you'll get jamming and performance opportunities with other students as a band. Next, how about learning how to record your awesome music professionally?

Basic Improvisation Instructor