Bass Lessons

Become the funky cool bassist that grooves.


The bass guitar is the instrument where groove truly stands out. Whether it’s a funky slap riff, straight rock or jazz bassline, the bassplayer has a crucial role in moving a song through its phases and giving it life and pulse.

The Music Lab houses some of the funkiest, grooviest and most talented bassists, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and funky creativity.

While our bass courses train you to become apt at supporting and laying down the lines for a band, don't be restricted - we'll unlock the solo artiste potential in you and help you explore music composition and arrangement.


These are just snippets from the actual bass guitar lessons we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current playing level, our standard bass syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Basic Bass Guitar Setup

Learn everything about setting up your bass - from stringing to neck adjustments, overall maintenance and minor tweaks.

Bass Plucking, Slapping & Tapping

Learn basic to advanced plucking, slapping and tapping techniques. Find out how the experts do it, and discover what works best for you.

Music Genre Exploration

Our instructors can start you off with the genre you'd like to study, or guide you in exploring various styles of music to be an all-rounded bassist.

Gain Gigging Experience

By cross-training in our Band Performance Studies course, you'll get jamming and performance opportunities with a band. Basically, we incorporate a segment of your bass lessons with band practice sessions as well as live concerts!

Bass Theory & Notation

To be completely and totally adaptable in any live gig or studio recording session, bass guitar theory and notation studies are essential in every bassist's arsenal. Learn major, minor and pentatonic scales. Study music harmony, transposition and bass chords. Don't worry - we keep it fun and practical!

Bass Lines & Music Production

Learn to create your own exciting and funky basslines. Groove to any beat and song - and when you're ready to create your own music masterpiece, combine your bass lessons with our Music Production course to start producing your own music.