Drum Lessons

Master the stage by becoming a drummer.


The Music Lab has a rich history in offering top-notch drum lessons to beginners and advanced players alike. Pioneered by Principal Jimmy Lee, drum lessons at our academy became one of the most popular in Singapore, with lesson slots always nearly full.

Currently headed by Asia's drum celebrity Jimmy Lee, along with professional drummers will be exposed to the most cutting edge of drumming knowledge available in the world. You’ll be trained and guided in strong drum theory, drum techniques and exposed to an amazing world of practical performance methods for rock, pop and jazz as well as hand percussion techniques.

Learn how to lock down a groove, be the backbone of the band as well as take the lead when the gig calls for it. Whether you’re learning to play in the pocket or storm up an amazing drum solo, this is the place where you’ll gain the most extensive firsthand knowledge shared by drummers and sessionists across the world.


These are just snippets from the actual drum lessons we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current playing level, our standard drum syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Basic Drumset Setup

Learn everything about setting up your drumset - from industry standards to famous sessionists' styles and what works best for your own drumming.

Drum Stroking Methods

Learn basic to advanced strokes, various drumstick grips and striking methods. Achieve the ability to be versatile while discovering your own playing style.

Music Genre Exploration

Our instructors can start you off with the genre you'd like to study, or guide you in exploring various styles of music to be an all-rounded drummer.

Gain Gigging Experience

By cross-training in our Band Performance Studies course, you'll get jamming and performance opportunities with a band. Basically, we incorporate a segment of our drum lessons with band practice sessions as well as live concerts!

Drum Theory & Notation

To be completely and totally adaptable in any live gig or studio recording session, drum theory and notation studies are essential in every drummer's arsenal. Don't worry - we keep it fun and practical!

Percussion & Cajón Lessons

Worried that just playing the drumset limits your versatility and gig opportunities? The Music Lab teaches professional percussion as well as cajón techniques. So the next time a venue doesn't have a drumset, offer up another valuable skillset to land that job.