Aaron James Lee

Drum Instructor

Aaron gigging.

An exceptionally talented and committed drummer, Aaron James Lee shares his father Jimmy Lee‘s passion and genius on the drumset. He often trains and jams with Jimmy so you can be sure if you sign up for drum lessons with Aaron, you’re getting part of Jimmy’s knowhow as well.

However, that being said, Aaron is not a copy of his father – far from it. With his own style, versatility and creative ideas, as evident during his exciting performances, Aaron has carved out quite a reputation in the local music scene.

  • Performances
  • National Day Parade 2009
  • Child Aid 2009
  • Child Aid 2010
  • Businessman of the Year Award opening Item 2011
  • Esplanade “Bright Young Things” 2011
  • Numerous School Concerts in Suntec City Mall 2003 – current
  • Session drummer at Barber Shop from March – May 2013
  • Member of the Baracuda Batucada Percussion Ensemble
  • Member of The Steve McQueens
  • National Day Parade 2009
  • Session drummer at the Marina Bay Sands – current
Aaron jamming with Jimmy