Audrey Stefanie Tengkey

Piano Instructor


Audrey Stefanie Tengkey is a graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts with an Honours Degree in Music Performance (Jazz). Hailing from Indonesia, the jazz pianist has performed at several places and is active in the local scene.

Having started playing piano at the age of 4, Audrey had already been building her name as a budding pianist back in Indonesia. She was a pianist for a renowned choir, Cantorum in Bandung, Indonesia.

Moreover, she had competed in, and successfully clinched the championship title for 3 Piano Festivals and was a finalist of ASEAN Music Festival in 2003.

In the midst of 2010, Audrey formed her own band, 10K Trio, and they have been actively performing at various local events, both as a jazz trio and a session band. Some of the events are, US Embassy Independence Day Dinner in July 2011, CO-LAB the Lasalle Show in May 2011, AyaSchool: The Take Off in May 2011, and several Esplanade performances as a session band for singers, Eugenia Yip, Nick Sanjay, and Janette Tjiu.

As a keyboardist, Audrey has also performed at several international and local events. She was also selected to be the recording artist for a number of Mediacorp TV shows.

Currently, Audrey is involved in an original band, called TAJ, and they have just released their first EP, ‘The Astral Journey’ under an independent label ‘Darker Than Wax’ on the 30th of January 2015. Apart from that, Audrey is also involved in several sessions with a number of bands and recording sessions.

  • Career Highlights
  • Zero Festival 2014 in Busan, South Korea, with The Voodoo Sound
  • Coburg Samba Festival 2013 in Coburg, Germany with Novo Bloco
  • MIDEM Music Festival in Cannes, France with The Professionals in January 2012
  • Gospel Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia with Twentynine-Eleven in June 2012
  • Yuna LIVE in Singapore with one of the most renown bands in Singapore, The Stoned Revivals, in November 2012
  • Youtube Stars Concert as a session keyboardist for David Choi (USA) and Ana Free (Portugal) at The Colloseum, Resort World Sentosa in May 2012
  • MOSAIC Music Festival with Novo Bloco at Esplanade Waterfront in March 2012
  • Sonic Youth Festival with FEM at Esplanade Waterfront in July 2011
  • Carnaval Carnaval! 2011 at Marina Barrage with Novo Bloco
  • Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia with Wet Floor
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