Music Production Instructor


Buvan is a Singaporean music composer, arranger and producer. He also doubles as the Executive Music producer of Shabir, who has achieved mainstream success in the highly competitive Indian Film Music industry in 2019 with back-to-back releases, with one of his songs "Yaayum" crossing 85-million collective views on Youtube.  He has worked and collaborated with Artists such as Shabir , Mark Bonafide , Yung Raja , Ken San Jose , Abby Simone to name a few.

What merely started off as a hobby at the age of 14 evolved into his very calling few years down the road. Buvan had graduated from Singapore Polytechnic attaining a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology with Merit.

He has worked on 7 films in South Indian , as the Executive Music producer which includes Film Scoring and Composition. Buvan has also worked on multiple local series title song and re-recording in Singapore such as Mata Mata ( Mediacorp, Channel 5) , Tekan Minyak ( Mediacorp, Suria) , Thilaanaa (Mediacorp, Vasantham).
Earlier this year, he had produced a single “ A Chance To Hold” for Philippine’s teen pop-sensation, Ken San Joseph which quickly made its way to Spotify's New Music Friday Philipines playlist.

Buvan had also worked with local Rap-Sensation , Yung Raja on a track called “Pecha Kore” which was featured in Thilaanaa, a Tamil-language blockbuster 32-Part series that aired on MediaCorp, Vasantham for 3 Months. This alongside with the other songs that were produced for this series were well-received by masses such that the Soundtrack was ingested into streaming platforms due to its demand.

Buvan was also the Executive Music producer of Letters a new star-studded musical webisode for our migrant worker friends in Singapore. Mooted by Shabir Music Asia in collaboration with The TENG Ensemble, Iman Chakraborty, Jeremy Monteiro and Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC), LETTERS is an uplifting webisode featuring poetry, music and messages of hope, strength and resilience.

Buvan has also produced a track for NDP 2020, titled “Together” which is sung , written and performed by Shabir and Abby Simone.