Esther Ong

Vocal Instructor

Esther started off as a singer in a 名歌餐厅 at the age of 22 after her friends encouraged her to try out for the audition. Soon, her natural singing ability and charisma gain her numerous opportunities from all areas, including performing in bigger platforms, an offer of a artiste contract, as well as meeting with musicians locally and also across Asia whom she never thought possible.

After 6 years of her life performing, and forging friendships with people of the same interest, she decide to focus on teaching vocals; to share her experience and also in the hope to inspire and groom the next generation of music lovers. She believes music and performing is for all to enjoy, and no stage is ever too small or big.
  • Career Highlights
  • Performs Mandarin top 40s at various 名歌餐厅, music cafes and bars
  • Vocals for Mediacorp series “三个半女人”, “喜临门” “情来运转”,“同心圆” and “同心圆 II”, “Miss PI”
  • Released an album compilation with Mediacrop artistes Rui En, Jeanette Aw and Phyills Quek for “阳光系列6 “
  • Backup vocals for National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan in charity album ‘Tampines My Home’, main vocals for Mediacorp Community Chest Fund Raising Event “Listen to you Heart”
  • Perform at Esplanade Concert Hall for “Dreams come true” with Taiwan veteran singer Pan An Bang and YES 933FM DJ Chong Qing.
  • A three-hour audience sing-along concert “Songs of Xinyao”, staged at Creative Technologies’ outdoor stage alongside with 97.2DJ Cai Leelian, Ric from Dream Fmz and Xinyao veteran Zheng Zhang Lun.
  • Represented Singapore in Shanghai’s Best Newcomer of the Year Event with contestants across Southeast Asia
  • Ongoing regular performances in Warren Country Club, The Chevron, Frienzie Bar & Bistro and Union Square.
  • Backing Vocals for Eric Moo
  • Backing Vocals for Angela Zhang (ongoing till 2020)