Eugenia Yip

Vocal Instructor

Eugenia onstage.

Songwriter and vocalist from The Steve McQueens and Riot !n Magenta, Eugenia is based in Singapore. Her music is a sonic melting pot of her various influences. She has a penchant for writing painfully honest music, and thoroughly enjoys the process which she calls "audio psychiatric evaluations of my inner being". As an artist, she is unafraid to explore and experiment with her instrument. Her unique timbre and style of vocal performance stem from an unwavering discipline to technique, yet ornamented with her own take of the different timbres and tones that the voice can create in a musical situation.

In 2011, Eugenia received the highest academic honor (BA First Class) from Lasalle College of the Arts, where she undertook her undergraduate studies in Popular Music as a Voice Major. Since then, she has been an educator to a wide spectrum of students. Her teaching experience include group voice classes, as well as one- to- one lessons. She believes strongly that with a committed understanding of the instrument and discipline to practise, anyone can sing. She is currently a voice teacher to the students at international school campuses.

It has been a busy year for Eugenia, having released debut EPs with both The Steve McQueens, and Riot !n Magenta, over 2014. Over the years, she has been invited to perform on various international stages such as Mosaic Music Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Singjazz Festival, Baybeats Festival, Hello! ASEAN Festival and Tokyo Arts Festival. She has also recently returned from London in August, where she worked closely with Bluey, the leader and guitarist of world renowned Acid Jazz band, Incognito. Over the two weeks, Eugenia recorded The Steve McQueens’ new album entitled ‘Sea Monster,’ which is due for release at the start of 2015.
Eugenia Yip with The Steve McQueens