Fugene Choy

Guitar Instructor

Fugene gigging.

Fugene remembers growing up in a home where a vast spectrum of musical genres was constantly being played. He began playing music at the tender age of 6, progressing from the electone organ at Yamaha Music School to classical piano at 7. He was trained at Elka Music School primarily and took his grade 5 LCM at 12 before going on to private tutors. Fugene was also involved in a number of recitals throughout. During this time he picked up the violin while in the primary school string ensemble.

A guitarist who is well versed with different music genres, Fugene prefers styles such as Rock, Funk and Blues. He has been involved with the local music scene for over a decade and has performed both locally and abroad. Fugene has worked with various local and international artistes. He has also been involved in session work as a musician and arranger.

Currently, much alike his versatility in music, Fugene teaches not only acoustic and electric guitar at The Music Lab, but our popular Music Production, Music Composition and Band Performance Studies courses as well.

Fugene graduated with a Bachelor of Arts(Hons). He has been a much valued and sought-after music educator with The Music Lab since the early days of the school’s inception.
Fugene at instructor concert