Jessica Irawan

Vocal Instructor

Jessica Irawan

Jessica, born and raised in Indonesia, currently resides in Singapore. A Bachelor Degree graduate in Music from Lasalle College of The Arts Singapore, she embarked on her musical journey since 2007, playing with her band and currently going solo in various bars and pubs all around Singapore and Indonesia.

She released her debut solo album, "Stepping Out" in March 2012. The album is available in CD stores in Singapore and also on iTunes. She's also in the midst of preparing her next single release and her sophomore album next year.

An awesomely creative and talented musician, Jessica is an avid performer as well as composer, with a number of gigs and recordings on Youtube.

She's currently lending her talent and experience through teaching Music Composition, Music Theory, Piano & Keyboard and Singing at The Music Lab.
Cover of 2NE1 "I Love You"