Jimmy Lee

Principal Drum Instructor

JJ Lin visits Jimmy.

Born in Singapore and educated at New York’s Drummers Collective, Jimmy Lee has been playing since the age of 17. As an endorsee of Yamaha Drums and Zildjian cymbals, his talent and professionalism have made him one of the most respected, prolific and experienced live and studio session drummers in the region.

Besides being a master at the drumset - he is an artist in directing music ensembles, arranging drum concerts and leading major performances. Furthermore, he has trained many top local drummers in Singapore, who not only have stormed many a stage, but have turned into great drum instructors themselves.

Jimmy is ever evolving in his drumming skills and teaching methods - and always on the cutting edge of drumming information available to beginner students and advanced professionals alike. His self-authored Drums Textbooks are also widely adopted by music schools in the region as syllabus material for their own drum courses.

As a much sought after musician, Jimmy has performed and recorded with a multitude of international stars. By no means conclusive, we have named a few artistes from his evergrowing list below.
Jimmy shared the stage with these stars

Jimmy performing with Stef Sun