Joshua Tan

Guitar Instructor

Joshua gigging.

A full-time musician of 15 years and counting who has a passion for the guitar and enthralling audiences with his performances on stage, Joshua has contributed his talents to productions such as Hansel & Gretel (2012), Aladdin (2011), Crazy Christmas (2009, 2010), Sing Dollar (2009), Victor/Victoria (2009), Broadway Beng (2007, 2009, 2013), Dim Sum Dollies: History of Singapore (2008), Little Shop of Horrors (2006), and Jack & the Beansprout (2006).

As a guitar sessionist, Joshua has recorded guitars for Chingay under the direction of Goh Kheng Long, as well as recorded the guitar tracks for NDP over the years 2011-2013 under the music direction of both Goh Kheng Long and the late Iskandar Ismail.
Joshua was both the guitarist and backing vocalist for JJ Lin over two long cycles of concert tours. Other artistes whose concert tours saw him taking on both roles simultaneously would include David Tao and FIR. Joshua was also the guitarist for Kit Chan’s music box concert, "SPOP 2018" under the music direction of Jim Lim from MengFM, as well as Sing Lang 2019 under the music direction of Ruth Ling.

Joshua’s first foray into the musical arts came when he received a classical grounding in the piano at a young age and he has never looked back since.

Music certainly runs in this performer’s blood and today, he can be found slipping into his role as entertainer on the stage as well as that of private music instructor with equal ease.