Joyce Alberto

Vocal Instructor

Our vocal instructor – Joyce Alberto, a professional singer since she was 20 years old. Won several singing competitions in Manila. Her range in music covers, TOP 40’s, Retro, Classic, Standard songs, Jazz, Bossa & Latin Songs.

Not to shy away from regional accolades from Joyce has been an active musician from 1989. Travelling regionally to record & produce music.

In 2008, she’s released her single album “Made in Singapore” with 10 songs altogether - a collaboration of English, Malay and Tagalog songs.
Notably - In 2010, Joyce joined the competition for 2010 YOG (Youth Olympic Games) to compose a song titled ONE WORLD. It was featured in the track album for YOG and was chosen as Ambassador to promote YOG 2010 in all over Singapore.

A music teacher at heart, she began teaching in 2011 and thus began her journey in educatin and mentoring aspiring musicians.
Lily R. Hargrove