Kenji Nakano

Bass Instructor

Kenji on double bass.

Being a former bass student of The Music Lab Academy at the age of 17, Kenji has since been pursuing his love for music. Kenji then enrolled into Singapore Polytechnic under the Music & Audio Technology course, further fuelling his passion.

While in Singapore Polytechnic, Kenji joined the Singapore Polytechnic Jazz Band. It was only after joining that he realized his love for Jazz music, which gave him a clear direction in his musical journey.

Thinking of furthering his pursuit of Jazz music, Kenji joined the “Mosaic Jazz Fellows”, a Jazz mentorship programme run by the Esplanade. While there, Kenji was mentored by famous local Jazz musicians such as Andrew Lim, Joshua Wan, Chok Kerong and Tony Mackarome.

After emerging from the programme, Kenji has been playing regularly in the local scene with many other local musicians as a sessionist playing both the electric bass and the double bass. Apart from session work, Kenji also plays with “DasGeFoo”, a local Jazz band, at places like Blu Jaz and the Stage.
Kenji Nakano