Liang Hong

Drum Instructor

Liang Hong rocking the drums.

Liang Hong started playing drums when he was 13. The passion was discovered when he attended church. While the music was playing, his focus was always drawn towards the drummer. He started air drumming in his free time, until he got his first pair of sticks when he was 14, and his drum kit at 15 years old. He has not stopped since then, and started participating in school events as a drummer in various bands in high school.

In 2007 and 2008, he took part in the local Drumfest Drum Challenge and managed to get into quarter finals in both years.

After his National Service, Liang Hong became an instructor at The Music Lab in 2009. He also started participating actively in the music scene, playing gigs at places such as Timbre@Arts House, Timbre@Substation, One Twenty Six, One Altitude, One Rochester, Gem Bar, Fuse Bar, Yello Jello (Currently Rebel), Wala Wala, Balaclava, Switch, CMPB at Dempsey Hill and Crazy Elephant.

Between early 2009 to mid 2010, Liang Hong was involved in serving in the music ministry in church, travelling to Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan and Hong Kong during his service.

Apart from the regular gigs, Liang Hong was also involved in a few showcases at Waterfront at Esplanade with various bands and local artistes. He also performed in the pre-show segment for the Year End Countdown held at the Marina Bay floating platform for both 2011 and 2012 with the band Afterhours.

He currently gigs actively with 3 A.M. and Afterhours.
Liang Hong Showcase