Drum Instructor

Rizal, a master of drums.

Rizal’s interest in drums began in 1986, when his mum bought him a toy drum on his 4th birthday. His interest in beats and rhythm started ever since.

During his primary and secondary school days, Rizal joined the military band as an extra curriculum activity, during which he was a trumpeter. The experience truly inspired him in music, and he learned a lot about discipline, music theory and notation, as well as appreciate the beauty of music.

In 1996, Rizal began to teach himself basic drum techniques and strokes. He then started playing in a band competitively in 1998. Believing that practice makes perfect, Rizal kept improving himself and came out playing with his own style and groove.

His talent had brought him to play different kinds of music, such as rock, heavy metal, basic jazz, dangdut (malay traditional music), fusion, world music, funk, hip-hop, rnb, ska, reggae and pop. Later on, Rizal played alongside Paul Danial (local guitar maestro) and also with various artists from Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2003, Rizal joined the one and only samba percussion band in Singapore – Wicked Aura Batucada. Playing with Wicked Aura equipped Rizal with a great wealth of exposure and experience, enabling him to perform a multitude of shows for corporate events, charities, W.O.M.A.D festival both locally & overseas, etc.

Rizal graduated from Lasalle College School of the Arts with a diploma in Jazz music. He has also taught Brazilian Percussion, Stomp and enrichment classes in primary and secondary schools as a part-time job and nurtured a couple of talents under his guidance. Rizal is currently part of the residential band in the club Arena.
Rizal gigging