Sam Kong

Drum Instructor

Sam on the drums.

2009 was the pivotal year in Sam Kong's life when he first discovered his immense passion for music. Joining Concert Band opened his eyes to so many possibilities for a bright future in the music industry and he has not looked back since. Honing his craft, he practiced drumming constantly, training his strokes, building his foundation and, of course, taking professional classes.

Following the rhythm imbedded in his heart, Sam then went on to join the Singapore Polytechnic Jazz Band after his enrolment in the school. He later realized that this would mark the second crucial point in his musical journey as the introduction of the music genre, Jazz, gave him a clear direction of what he wanted to play, what he was striving for and where he wanted to go in life. Besides famous drummers like Mark Guiliana, Jojo Mayer and Benny Greb, the friends he surrounds himself with on a daily basis were no less of an inspiration. Constantly surrounded by fellow music-enthusiasts, he had the privilege of sharing his passion and granting him the opportunity to learn and grow with them.

Since the enlightenment of the path that he was destined to take, Sam has been watching, learning and playing for and from various gigs and concerts. He has been in tune with local music and promoting it with his skill, playing on numerous prominent platforms like The Esplanade. He has also taken a step further to extend his love of music to others by teaching them with the same passion he puts into playing. Over the years, Sam has only continued to excel and prove his determination and dedication to music.

Looking forward, Sam definitely sees setbacks and hurdles in his path that he must cross, but the enigmatic nature of this future does not deter this young, aspiring Jazz drummer full of promise and resolve from continuing to strive and bring out his fullest potential.

Sam Kong