Music Composition Course

The most exciting way to write songs.


Always wanted to know how composers write their songs?

Ever wondered how to turn that melody or tune you’ve hummed in showers into a complete piece of music? If these questions seem familiar or if you're a budding musician wanting to know more about songwriting techniques, this is the program for you.

In this course, students will go through rhythmic studies, learn melodic composition, harmonisation and music arrangement. At the end of this program, students will have an understanding of different popular music styles and also have the skills to write and complete a song.

What's more, you'll get to venture into performing your song in public as well as exploring recording and production techniques!


These are just snippets from the actual songwriting classes we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current level, our standard syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Basic Music Theory

While this isn't an in-depth music theory study, some basic knowledge of music theory like chord progressions, major and minor keys will enhance your songwriting capabilities. This segment is kept short, fun and practical! Grasping the concepts are easy with our innovative instructors' method!

Rhythmic Studies

Without rhythm, a piece of music has no proper foundation. Understand different beats and discover the best tempo for your song. Be surprised at how a minor adjustment in song speed can affect delivery impact. Manipulate rhythm to make your song interesting.

Song Arrangement

Understand song intros, verses and choruses. Learn to create song hooks, build tension and achieve music resolution. Find answers to whether a guitar solo, bridge or key change is necessary. Learn basic to complex music arrangements.

Song Dynamics

Simply put, "song dynamics" refers to volume. Get knowledge on how the dynamics of a song can lure listeners, get them hooked and create a climax. Avoid writing a flat-sounding song by manipulating instrument volume, and through this, set the mood for various parts of a song.

Gain Gigging Experience

Your time to shine comes when you perform your very own original composition live - with an audience. The Music Lab has various connections to performance venues and we frequently hold student concerts. Get a taste of playing on stage - at venues where true professional musicians work!

Music Production

Take the step to make music professionally by joining our popular Music Production course. Start recording professional-sounding music, understand the process of recording various instruments and systematically getting the final mix to a complete song.