Music Production Course

The art of recording professional-sounding music.


How often have you been stuck thinking why your recorded material lacks the luster of commercial recordings? Have you ever wondered why your digital arrangement sounds like a bad phone ringtone instead of that big sound you have in your head? Have you ever placed a mic in front of yourself and a guitar and thought, “how much does it cost to pay a studio to transform this demo into a fully produced song”?

If you’ve ever had any dreams of recording your own professional CD in the comfort of your home, this course is for you.

Our Music Production Course provides budding singers, songwriters and producers basic to advanced knowledge of music production methods and techniques. That being said, it should not be confused with an audio engineering course. Think of it as a crash course in bringing the songs you write into fruition; making release-quality mixes of your written music.


These are just snippets from the actual course we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current level, our standard syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Basic Gear Setup

Understand the gear and equipment you need to set up a home recording studio. Find out where to buy what you need, the basic differences between various brands, and what kind of quality and budget to expect. Go minimalist, or go maximum insanity.

Sound & Signal

What is propagation and amplitude? How to best control recording frequency and pitch? Understand how instruments, microphones, cables, recording mixers and signals interplay to get the desired output in your tracks.

Recording & Export Formats

Learn about the various recording and exporting formats. Understand the differences between uncompressed and compressed formats, find out which works better and why. Get an understanding of terms like kHZ, bit, wav, mp3, and how each affects sound quality.

Recording & Arrangement

Get hands-on recording sessions! Lay your voice or instrument tracks (or both), and get practical lessons on arrangement and midi programming. Play with sound effects and discover how to add that extra dimension to your music.

Professional Mixing & Editing

Achieve a professional mix by learning how to edit like a music producer. Understand EQ and compression techniques, and finish a complete music production project. You can record your own music or other Music Lab students' songs!

Music Composition

Think your song needs structure and polish? Learn how to compose a song professionally through our Music Composition Course. Learn techniques to commercial song arrangements and liven up your music.



An Introductory Course

4X2hr lessons
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  • Introduction to DAW

    (GarageBand, Logic Express)

  • Setup of Sound Card &

    Audio Preferences

  • Compose a short song
  • Recording Basic Voice
  • Recording Basic Guitar
  • Midi Programming &


  • Introduction to digital

    plugin processing


Specialized Workshops

8X2hrs Per unit
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  • Advanced Digital


  • Advanced Compression &


  • Advanced Midi


  • Producing Singers
  • Producing Session


  • Advanced Editing


  • Record Music Lab


  • Completion of

    Group Project Song

  • Advanced FAQ
Music Production Instructor