Vocal Lessons

Let your voice be heard.


Nothing is more amazing than Nature’s very own sounds – and our voices are a part of it. Singing is everyone’s way of relaxing, self-expression and honestly feeling a song.

The Music Lab’s vocal lessons are so effective that even Olivia Ong (yes – the Olivia Ong) took lessons with us, and added a new dimension to her already beautiful singing.

We take you from the basics of relaxation, breathing, vocal range expansion to diction, pitching and exploration in different genres of music. If there is one particular style of music you would like to specialise in, our vocal instructors have the knowhow and expertise to get you there. With their experience in performance, they will instil in you the confidence to shine on stage with the microphone.

Our extremely talented vocal instructors Gail Belmonte, Rima Rasif, Esther Ong, Joyce Alberto, and Haneri are here to share their wealth of experience and knowledge to help you achieve your singing ambitions.


These are just snippets from the actual singing lessons we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current level, our standard voice syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Vocal Warmup, Pitch & Range

Learn how professional singers warm up to sound their best at every performance. Pick up range expansion and pitching techniques to widen your vocal range, and never sound off-pitched through correct practice methods.

Microphone & Posture

Which microphone works best under what studio or stage circumstances? How can correct posture help a vocalist achieve the best singing range and power? Learn it all with us!

Music Genre Exploration

Our instructors can start you off with the genre you'd like to study, or guide you in exploring various styles of music to be an all-rounded vocalist.

Gain Gigging Experience

By cross-training in our Band Performance Studies course, you'll get jamming and performance opportunities with a band. Basically, we incorporate a segment of your singing lessons with band practice sessions as well as live concerts!

Vocal Theory & Notation

To be completely and totally adaptable in any live gig or studio recording session, vocal theory and notation studies are essential in every singer's arsenal. Don't worry - we keep it fun and practical!

Strum & Sing & Write Music

Wish you knew how to play an instrument to accompany your own singing? Combine your vocal lessons with our fun and awesome Strum & Sing course! Follow it up with Music Composition to start writing songs and learn how to record music through our Music Production course.