Ukulele Lessons

Learning to play music has never been easier.


Finding guitar and other instruments too much of a hassle and time-consuming to learn? Get jamming with the Ukulele.

Don't underestimate its size - while it may not possess the wide range of octaves that a guitar or piano has, the ukulele has sufficient capabilities for songwriting and vocal accompaniment.

Small, versatile, easy to pick up and master, the ukulele is a powerful and addictive music-making instrument – and you’d get hooked once you start a fun yet practical ukulele class. So what are you waiting for? This easy-to-master instrument can get you started on your music dreams and star ambitions! Start composing music in no time, write the songs that you've always wanted to let the world hear, today.

* Half -hour(30min) class will be conducted for children aged 5-7 years.


These are just snippets from the actual ukulele lessons we conduct. While fully customisable according to your current playing level, our standard ukulele syllabus goes far deeper than what is outlined here.

Basic Ukulele Understanding

Understand the tuning of the ukulele, and how best to use the small but compact repertoire of notes to make melodies. At the same time, learn about the 4 different types of ukuleles and how you can progress into each!

Strumming & Hand Positions

Learn basic to advanced strumming techniques. From simple strums to muted, swing, chnking and dead strumming patterns, learn how to mix them up and create awesome rhythms!

Music Genre Exploration

While traditionally meant for Hawaiian music, the ukulele has slowly evolved into other genres like rock and pop. Our instructors will guide you in understanding the various music styles to help you explore and grow in the style you love.

Gain Gigging Experience

By cross-training in our Band Performance Studies course, you'll get jamming and performance opportunities with a band. Basically, we incorporate a segment of your ukulele lessons with band practice sessions as well as live concerts!

Ukulele Theory & Notation

To be completely and totally adaptable in any live gig or studio recording session, ukulele theory and notation studies are essential in every ukulelist's arsenal. Learn about harmony, transposition and resolving 7th chords!

Melody & Music Composition

Learn to create your own exciting and catchy melody lines. Strum to any beat and song - and when you're ready to compose your own music masterpiece, combine your ukulele lessons with our Music Composition course to start writing your own music!

Ukulele Instructors